Pool Services Offered


Full Service Starting at $85 a month!

- Netting all Debris

- Vacuuming

- Brushing Walls/Steps

- Clearing all Baskets/Strainers

- Balancing Chemicals

- Overall Equipment Inspection

- Weekly Pool Service


Chemical Service Starting at $60 a month!

- Brushing Walls/Steps

- Clearing Baskets/Strainers

- Balancing Chemicals 

- Overall Equipment Inspection


Filtration Services

Increase your filter efficiency! Empire Pool Service works with all major brands of swimming pool and spa filters. Please call for quotes on all filter services.

Services offered


New Equipment Installation

Energy conservation is a phone call away! Call for quotes on new equipment upgrades. Empire Pool Service installs top of the line, state of the art equipment with a focus on safety and energy efficiency. 


Chlorine Washes

A green pool is a dangerous pool! Avoid costly repairs and city fines. Empire Pool Service recommends a chlorine wash whenever you have swamp green conditions in your pool and it needs to be drained. A chlorine wash typically is a 3 to 4 day project and fully restores your swimming pool to safe and clean conditions. Call for a quote. 


Tile Cleaning

Restore your pool tiles shine! Empire Pool Service offers bead blasting and other tile treatments to bring your pool tile back to life. Call for an appointment and consultation. 

Pool and spa lighting

Standard Light Fixture and Bulb Replacement


LED Color Changing Bulbs


Call for Quotes

Light up your pool at night!


Illuminating your pool at night not only decreases hazards on your property but looks beautiful and can be the focal point of your backyard!

services Offered


Acid Washes

An acid wash can be performed when your pool plaster is overly stained and/or needs resurfacing. Call for a consultation and quote. 


Deck Sealant

Replacing your sealant around the pool decking is a great way to protect your investment by ensuring your pool coping will not erode, or worse yet fall out completely. Call for a quote. 


Pressure Washing Services

Empire Pool Service offers pressure washing for your pool deck and surrounding areas.